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Sample Post One
Thu 12 Nov - 20:22:45 by Rain Shimatori
There are primarily two forms of textual combat to be aware of if you intend to role-play in a real-time chat environment. The first of the pair relies on typing speed and feed of thought, which does not allow for the true movement or sophistication of the second, which is called Turn-based Textual Combat (TB). TB is dependent upon the honesty and integrity of players, as well as their ability to …

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Blank Bio (Extended)
Sun 7 Dec - 15:31:23 by Rain Shimatori
Here's something I saw on another forum. All the credit belongs to Salya. I hope I got your name right. This is an example of what you could do for a character profile if you wish to create one in the ideas and suggestions category.

Role: For example, general role, or story-specific role. The former, things such as 'main character', 'main character's best friend', 'bad guy', 'mentor to …

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Type 1 (Eden Era)
Thu 20 Nov - 19:40:53 by Rain Shimatori
Type 1 [T1] combat is a type of textual combat designed with logic, precision and detail in mind. It’s a turn-based style, allowing every player involved equal time and space to post their character’s move. There are four types of ‘turn’ that a player can make in a T1 fight: Prep, Attack, Defense and Connection. The fight is split in to 'tiers' which often consist of some/all of the …

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 Zion Shimatori

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Rain Shimatori

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Character Sheet
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PostSubject: Zion Shimatori   Sat 22 Nov - 12:45:05

This is only a project character. Probably won't even use him in role play at all so yeah...

Zion Shimatori.
Age: Unknown.
Hair Color: White/Silver.
Eye Color: Blue.
Height: 6'2''
Weight: Unknown.
Gender: Male.
Race: Wolf-Hanyou.
Alignment: Good.
Alias/Titles: The Forgotten Shimatori.

Father: Not Applicable
Mother: Not Applicable
Brothers: Rain Shimatori
Sisters: None
Other Relatives: None

Likes: People. Conversation. Helping others.
Dislikes: Anything that causes much distress among people as individuals.
Magic: Lunar Abilities.
Fighting Style: Lunar Stance. Hapkido.
Fears: Anguish and Sorrow.
Quirks: Able to copy an enemy’s ability for a short period of time.
Flaws: Constantly puts himself in harm’s way for others sake.

"This world needs a new hero. There is no need for people to suffer as they do now. I vow to bring equality among every race, kindred and tongue."

Then later... I began to think I was different... that I was different from those immature kids.
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